Death by Tax Returns

No, not my own, those at work.

I’ve been doing lots of them. Lots. On Monday I worked 14 hours. On Valentine’s day I worked 10 hours, and that’s only because in the afternoon I took a 2 hour break to work on my website, otherwise another 12 hour day.

So the Pay-it-forward contest will have to postpone a little. Sorry. ::hangs head in shame::

My contract expires on February 28. (I’m a seasonal worker. Saying that makes me feel a bit like migrant farm labor but that’s what I am.) I suspect at the beginning of March I will still be flat out racing to finish my line-edits and all sorts of promotional stuff for PRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS.

So the new date for the pay-it-forward contest will be March 15. And I’ve decided not to promote it elsewhere. It will be just for readers of this blog. The contest closes on March 25. I will wake up that day ready to pay it forward. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Death by Tax Returns

  1. Yay. Finally found an entry with no comments (why do you have to be so popular?) as I didn’t want to ruin others’ enjoyment by posting a time-wasting comment on their turf.

    Just a quick note to let you know that Gmail is being a difficult little bastard mite at the moment. A royal pain in the arse, in fact. It simply won’t let me send or receive emails and hasn’t for three days. This is so you know I’m not at my usual layabout self. Will respond to your awesome replies as soon as Gmail is sorted. Until then, take care.

    Please delete this comment when you can. Thanks!

    • Ha, there was an entry with no comments right on the front page itself, I’m pretty sure. You overlooked it. 🙂

      Not a problem. Sorry about all the email problem. I can’t imagine the pain that entails. Hope it is resolved soon.

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