Lightning Round Giveaway at AAR Afterhours Blog

Another Delicious ARC giveaway. Quick! The entry is up today and it is closing tomorrow at midnight (11:59pm, June 19, eastern time). I think the odds on this is pretty good, just comment and you’ll be entered.

Good luck!

6 thoughts on “Lightning Round Giveaway at AAR Afterhours Blog

  1. Hello Sherry!
    I am your newest fan, I just finished reading Private Arrangements and I loved it!

  2. Yay, I already won a copy and read the book three times now.

    Can’t wait until ‘Not Quite a Husband’. Lord, summer 2009 seems at least a year away. How will I manage. Oh that’s right, there are two Lisa Kleypas novels to tide me over till then.

    Happy writing Sherry!!


  3. Bev,

    Now I’ll have to be much more careful writing, knowing you’ll be scrutinizing my books so closely. 🙂

    Happy writing to you too.

  4. Nothing to do with anything, but I’ve tagged you over on my site. Blame it on Catherine Morris, who started this tagging business; she wrote six randomly clever things about herself and seduced me to the dark side.

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