fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

Saw this one at the Fail Blog, and just had to share.

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  1. cecilia says:

    Funny! They must refer to the process of how children come about! Educational, you know 😉

  2. HelenW says:

    :) This is great!

  3. Sarah Jensen says:

    Yeah, educational.
    Great post.

  4. Julie Robinson says:

    That’s hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

    When I was a kid, I was allowed to browse in the book section at the local store and was ‘educated’ by Looking for Mr. Goodbar!

    I came over to your site after Emily Bryan sang your praises on her blog tour today. I can see I need to add you to my list of books to read.


  5. Sherry Thomas says:


    And we all know children of a certain age are desperate to know it. :-)




    My view exactly.


    I was educated in the book aisles at my local K-Mart. :-)

    And welcome. Hope you enjoy my books.

  6. ranearia says:

    it’s called sex ed!

    Teacher: *passes the books out* read pages 1-124 for homework ;D