Italian Duke! And French and Japanese Too!

I think the title is Hearts in Shadow, but I’m not too sure.  Anyway, here’s the Italian cover of Meredith’s debut book, Duke of Shadows.

Old-school, ain’t it?  🙂  Love all that pink and lavender.


And then of course, doing a little reading on the backlog of Meredith’s twitter, I discovered some other foreign covers for Duke.

First up, Japanese version, which looks like it is called Love Like the Sun’s Blaze.  Which works, consider the Subcontinent setting.

And now my fave, the French cover, titled Fever in Delhi–love!–which is just gorgeous.

Ah, foreign covers, nothing better.

9 thoughts on “Italian Duke! And French and Japanese Too!

    • If she looks blond in your imagination, then run with it! She definitely had blond streaks in her hair in the first half of the book, from the sun and the saltwater. (In the second half of the book, I wrote that her hair had darkened from lack of sun to something more like a nondescript brown.)

  1. I may just have to seek out a copy of “Fièvre a Delhi” – for the cover, for the title, and, of course, to practice my increasingly rusty French. (See, it is an educational expense!)

  2. That Japanese cover fascinates me. I’ve always love the Taj Mahal; that’s probably the reason why. Such a gorgeous building! But the way the images are imposed on one another is a little avant-garde IMO.

    The French cover is very tasteful. My favorite of Meredith’s covers is probably the one for Wicked Becomes You. I just love all the purple and blue, but then blue covers have always drawn me.

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