So there I was, doing what I do best–namely, tossing out large chunks of my manuscript while my deadline looms–when my agent started sending out emails about promotional plans for THE BURNING SKY.

Lo and behold, we were suppose to reveal the cover this week. For some reason I thought that wouldn’t happen for another month or so, but I have no objection at all to getting it done this week. 🙂

And now, without further ado, the cover.

I am completely biased and think the cover is absolutely stunning.  Probably going to blow this up into a huge poster at some point and hang it on my wall.  🙂

And since we have the cover, why not a mini-excerpt to go with it?

But even as she assessed her new surroundings, she felt herself similarly appraised. This was not new. Ever since they first met, the prince had watched her intensely—after all, he believed her to be the means to his impossible ends. But since their exit from the Crucible, his gaze had seemed more . . . personal.

“What do you want now, Your Highness?”

He raised a brow. “I already have you. Should I want anything else?”

She pushed away her empty plate. “You have that scheming look in your eyes.”

He turned the handle of his own coffee cup, from which he’d yet to take a sip. “That is terrible. I should only ever sport a condescending look. We never want to give the impression that I am capable of—or interested in—strategizing.”

“You’re fudging your answers, prince. I want the truth.”

The corners of his lips turned up barely perceptibly. “I was thinking of how to best hold on to you, my dear Fairfax who would leave me at the first opportunity.”

She narrowed her eyes. “Since when is a blood oath not enough to keep a mage enslaved?”

“You are right, of course. I should not doubt my own success.”

“Then why do you doubt your own success?”

He looked her in the eye. “Only because you are infinitely precious to me, Fairfax, and the loss of you would be devastating.”

He was speaking of her as a tool to be deployed against the Bane. She didn’t know why she should feel both a surge of heat and a ripple of pain in her heart.

She rose. “I’m finished here.”

Ah, I love it when the hero and the heroine start off on the wrong foot, don’t you?  All that attraction+all that enmity=happy me.  🙂



40 thoughts on “THE BURNING SKY Cover Reveal

  1. This is a stunning cover, Sherry! I love that the cover shows that the book is a historical fantasy. The whirlpool/reverse tornado leading to the upside down kingdom intrigues me. And ditto to everything Janine wrote.

    Great excerpt, too! This is a trilogy, right?

  2. It’s beautiful and very dramatic. So much implied by it — magical, sexual, dynastic. And the excerpt’s really cool too. Very much looking forward to reading this one!

  3. It looks like a giant vortex into another kingdom. It’s interesting how romance novel covers are marketed differently than YA fantasy covers. YA fantasy covers tend towards the inanimate.

    Do your kids now feel you’re the cool mom because you’re writing for their demographic?

    • My younger kid doesn’t read much–I’ll have to make cartoons to be cool for him. But Sr. Kidlet has been with this book every step of the way so it’s been hugely gratifying.

      Actually, when I think of the recent YA fantasy titles, Throne of Glass & Girl of Fire and Thorns both have faces on them–even Graceling had a face, though it is half-hidden. Seraphina didn’t have a person, but then it did have a dragon, since it’s about dragons.

  4. It’s a gorgeous cover! To be honest, I wasn’t planning to read your YA book, but after reading that excerpt, I’m now…intrigued and actually looking forward to it…love the heroine’s name, Fairfax! Btw, my sister just discovered your books and now she’s devouring them. I told her so! 🙂

    • My own, very shallow response to the excerpt — I most likely would have tried to read the book anyway, but when I saw that the Latin was grammatical, complete with subjunctive forms, I put in an order immediately. Too many otherwise capable authors don’t seem to even try with their Latin.

      • I did use internet Latin when I drafted the book. But once I had a final version, I consulted a classics professor and she proceeded to give me splendid actual Latin commands. Which was very, very cool to me. It’s kinda like getting your period details right. It might not matter to many, or even most, but it matters a lot to people who know the stuff.

        I hope you’ll enjoy the book!

  5. Stunning was the exact word I thought of when I saw the cover, so I don’t think you are biased at all Sherry. Can’t wait to read the rest!

  6. The cover would be enough to draw me to this book, but since I am a fan, I would have bought it regardless. Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  7. The hero and heroine starting off on the wrong foot is the best thing ever.

    I love you, Sherry Thomas. I’m fangirling all over the place now.

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