It’s Release Day again: The Perilous Sea and Seven Wicked Nights this time

I feel like I’ve been announcing book releases a lot recently and maybe I have. But well, here are some more. 🙂


Look at that gorgeous cover. Yes, I am in a limited time, ebook-only box set. Seven awesome authors, seven sexy tales, 170,000 words in the collection and guess what, it’s yours for only 99 cents! What are you waiting for? Grab your copy before the set disappears.

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And now the book with the best cover of my career. Is that not gorgeous? And it’s been getting rave reviews. Of course, it’s book 2 of a trilogy, so you’ll need to have read THE  BURNING SKY. But if you already have, then go ahead and devour THE PERILOUS SEA.

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And if you haven’t read THE BURNING SKY yet, this is a perfect time to start.

Okay, now back to writing more books for you. 🙂

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