SIGHT UNSEEN is available!

Sight Unseen Cover

I have a new story out! If you haven’t heard about the Sight Unseen anthology, you can read more about it in a blog post I wrote for All About Romance. In short, five authors, five stories, our names on the cover, but not attached to our stories on the inside. And our stories fall a little outside what we normally write.

So it’s all a guessing game for the next three months, until we reveal who wrote what.

Obviously I can’t give hints, but I can say that I love my contribution and that it is very much a romance. Squee!

So get in on the game and get your hands on a copy:

Kindle | Kobo| Nook | iBooks

And yes, it’s available in print. Amazon | B&N

I hope you enjoy the anthology as much as I have enjoyed working on it. And I hope you’ll guess which one is my story!

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  1. I read Luckiest Lady in London awhile ago and loved it. But I wasn’t super interested in the other historical books I saw nor the YA ones. I don’t know why, but I guess I decided to give your YA trilogy a try and since I’m trying to meet a book quota this year, started the first. I cannot be happier that I did. It was one of the best YA books, or rather just books, I have read in a very long time. Will you ever come back to Iolanthe and Titus?

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