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Not Quite a Husband cover It's almost the end of May and here in Austin, Texas there hasn't been a hundred-degree-plus day yet. So it has definitely been a good spring for us.

In March, Not Quite a Husband received a RITA® nomination. That is always exciting. I have a really cute white dress--a bit like Marilyn Monroe's in The Seven Year Itch. I think I will wear it to the ceremony, except I will be sure to stay away from steam vents en route. :-)

His at Night cover In other news, today marks His at Night's release. A book release is always a milestone for an author. I've done everything I could to raise the book right, and now it's going out into the wide, wide world all by itself. I'm slightly nervous, and rather hopeful, but mostly I'm at peace--besides a few phrasing choices, I'm happy with how the book turned out. :-)

So I'm going to celebrate by giving away a ton of books. Which books? Well, let me tell you in some detail.

The Books I'm Giving Away

I was recently at the Romantic Times Convention in Columbus, Ohio. Alas, at the last minute, my roommate, the awesome and babelicious Tracy Wolff, could not make it. I'd never been to a conference alone and would have been quite lost. But thankfully, a lot of lovely ladies stepped up to the plate and made sure I had a grand time. So it is their books I will be giving away.

Something About You Cover When I grow up, I want to have Julie James's shoe, handbag, and accessory collection. She writes smart, funny--people have literally tried to act out her scenes for me!--and truly contemporary contemporary romances. The Chicago Tribune has this to say about Something About You: "James’ latest novel delivers an addictively readable combination of sharp humor, sizzlingly sexy romance, and a generous measure of nail-biting suspense."

Click here for an excerpt.

Wicked Burn Cover Beth Kery writes contemporary erotic romances. "Believable conflict, character growth, and a very strong romance," gushes Dear Author about Wicked Burn. "I can’t help but think that the successful marriage of emotion and eroticisim will make Beth Kery a big name in erotic romance."

Click here for an excerpt.

Scoundrel's Kiss Cover I served on an Unusual Historicals panel with Carrie Lofty. I wrote one unusual historical set in India and the research so exhausted me I ran back to the drawing rooms of Britain. But Carrie's middle name is Unusual. She runs the Unusual Historicals blog and have set her books in Sherwood Forest and Austria. Scoundrel's Kiss takes place in medieval Spain. All About Romance says, "I love not only the fact that this author tried something different, but that she did it well."

Click here for an excerpt.

Warrior Cover I met Zoë Archer via the same Unusual Historicals panel. And talk about unusual. Warrior, her upcoming September 2010 release and Book 1 of The Blades of The Rose series, is set in Mongolia. Victorian Indiana Jones! “Zoë weaves a delightful spell…" raves Elizabeth Vaughan, USA Today bestselling author, "cleverly blending history and magic in new, delightful ways…”

Mind Games Cover I met Carolyn Crane only very briefly at RT. But I already knew about her from the sterling reviews for her debut book Mind Games. “Wow! Crane’s writing style brings to mind old-school noir," says Romantic Times, "with the compelling attitude of superheroes from a graphic novel. A masterful blend of dark and light, good and bad and all the grays in between, it will draw readers thoroughly into her tale, as they root for the good guys — while trying to figure out just who the good guys are."

Cool, right? I can't resist giving one away. Click here for an excerpt.

Affair with a Rebel Princess Cover I've known Emily McKay for years. Her house has a rainwater collection system and she makes the most scrumptious key lime pie. So she is superduper cool as such, but she is, of course, also a RITA®-nominated author and a RT lifetime achievement award nominee. Are my friends fly or what? :-)

Click here for an excerpt from Affair with a Rebel Princess.

Seduce Me Cover I've also known Robyn Dehart for years. But it wasn't until this RT convention that I had the opportunity exchange much more than a "hi" with her. Robyn's book Seduce Me won the Best Historical Romantic Adventure category of RT Reviewer's Choice Awards this year. And it is nominated for a RomCon Readers' Crown award in the Short Historical category. "Seduce Me is a rousing and rollicking romantic adventure!" enthuses New York Times bestselling author Teresa Medeiros. If you like The Mummy and Pirates of the Caribbean, you'll love Seduce Me."

Click here for an excerpt.

Christmas Present Cover

So the awesome and babelicious Tracy Wolff couldn't make it to RT. But that won't stop me from giving away her RITA®-nominated book, The Christmas Present. Don't let the cover mislead you: It's a romantic suspense.

Click here for an excerpt.

How Does it Work?

His at Night cover

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In the meanwhile, why not read an excerpt of His at Night? Also, don't forget to watch the hilarious trailer featuring a dramatization of the wedding night scene from the book.

And congratulations to Pamela S. who won a copy of Kristan Higgins's The Next Best Thing in the February contest. Thank you to everyone who participated.

May your shelves always overflow with great books to read.


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