The Other September Offensive

Just want to mention that I will be on the Levy/Meijer READ THIS! Author Tour, barnstorming 9 Meijer locations in Michigan in mid-September.

Friday, September 19
10:30am Kalamazoo/5800 Gull Rd.
3:00pm Grand Rapids/Cascade
5:00pm Grand Rapids/Knapp’s Corner

Saturday, September 20
10:30am Lansing/2055 W. Grand River Rd.
3:00pm Ann Arbor/5645 Jackson Rd.
5:00pm Canton/45001 Ford Rd.

Sunday, September 21
10:30am Rochester Hills/3175 Rochester Rd.
12:00pm Royal Oak/5150 Coolidge Hwy
4:00pm Monroe/1700 Telegraph Rd.

Please check here for updates.

Also, for folks who are on Google Read or other blog feeds and wonder why I haven’t been updating on my writing progress, I have. They updates are appended to the original post.

4 thoughts on “The Other September Offensive

  1. Hey! How about hopping the border and doing a signing in Toronto? There are lots of booklovers here…really! We can bribe you with donuts if necessary.

  2. Oh M,

    Thanks for the lovely invitation.

    Who knows, may be some of the other ladies I’ll be going on the trip with might just be that enterprising, and I might tag along. Cuz I do adore Canada but have never been to the English-speaking part.

  3. Well clearly that must change. If English is not enough we can offer pretty much any other language you might care to hear. And, food lovers? Hello? A number of streets close for annual “Taste” fests where all the restaurateurs set up street stalls so people can get easy-to-eat samples to go, snacking their way down one side and up the other. There must be some hazelnut butter (*g*) somewhere among them…

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