My very own Desert Isle Keeper

I was at AllAboutRomance this afternoon doing my usual drive-by review reading. And then I had to blink and look at my screen again. It’s still five weeks before PRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS’s street date, but AAR’s review is online.

Now when I go to RWA nationals next time, I’ll get to wear one of those “I’ve been DIK’ed by AAR” pins that I so coveted in Dallas.

This is a true milestone. I’ve been reading AAR since the previous century–indeed, the previous millenium. 🙂 And I have waited a long time for one of my own books to join that venerated desert isle. My grade is an A-, rather than an outright A. But oh well, next time.

In other news, the excerpt of DELICIOUS is up at last.

10 thoughts on “My very own Desert Isle Keeper”

  1. …as intriguing and adult as those once written by the great Judith Ivory… OMG! OMG! Why are you not jumping up and down and cheering and abusing exclamation marks!?!?!?!

    Never mind. I’ll do it for you. Wooohooo!!!! That is one kick-ass review!!! :o)




  2. LOL. Thanks, Bettie. Guess I’m just not a public squee-er.

    And I’d read the review a few weeks ago, when Sandy graciously shared it with me in private.

    I know. Judith Effing Ivory!!!!

  3. Congrats Sherry!
    I am hoping to got to RWA come July, so hopefully we can meet up and have a drink or two. 😀
    I miss Judith Ivory 🙁

  4. What an amazing review. I am now officially even more excited* about reading this book.

    (*pant-wettingly excited; this is level 10 on Tumperkin’s Excitement Barometer)

  5. I can’t remember if it’s been posted here or not, but Private Arrangments has also received starred reviews from Library Journal and Publishers Weekly. The Library Journal review can be found at the link below if you scroll down to the first red star:

    The Publishers Weekly review is posted on Amazon.

    Congratulations on all of these, Sherry!

  6. Sherry,
    Congratulations on your DIK. From Sandy, no less! I must say, I’ve been enjoying her jaded, pissy reviews of late and pleased you suceeded in warming her cold, exacting heart.

  7. Katiebabs,

    I miss Judith Ivory too!


    I now offer complimentary laundry service for Private Arrangements-induced pant-wetting. 😉


    Thanks for the plug for LJ and PW starred reviews. Ain’t it awful that I also cannot remember whether I mentioned them on this blog?


    LOL. I think I understand Sandy’s frustration. There is an old Chinese saying (badly translated by me here), “Once you have seen the ocean, nothing else you will call water.”

    Once a reader is used to the quality of a Judith Ivory or a Laura Kinsale, it’s hard not to judge everything by the standards they have set.

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