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Both DELICIOUS and PRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS are in the DABWAHA Tournament. It’s set up like March Madness, 64 books, 1 champion. Go have some fun and vote for your faves. First round is on.

I just received the audio CDs for DELICIOUS in the mail yesterday. Now I feel like a rock star, or at least like Diane Settlefield, whose book The Thirteenth Tale, was the last book I listened to on audio. The narrator is Virginia Leishman, who also narrated Possession by A. S. Byatt for Recorded Books. Boy, does she make me sound like Masterpiece Theater. And it’s got a great cover. (My camera is broken. I’ll see if I can’t take a picture of it with someone else’s camera.) I’m wondering if I should do a giveaway. This would be the perfect romance conversion item, cuz your quarry wouldn’t even have any idea s/he was listening to romance, until it’s too late of course. 🙂

I’m running a contest on my website, giving away an autographed copy of Shana AbĂ©‘s Smoke Thief, the first book in her Drakon series, in honor of her upcoming new release, Treasure Keeper. I’ll interview Shana Abe and give away Treasure Keeper on my e-newsletter on the day of her release, March 24. I’ll also be posting the interview here. There is an absolutely hilarious story which I’d never read anywhere else on how she came to write about those dragons. Stay tuned.

If you haven’t read GQ‘s feature on Robert Pattinson (ya know, the guy who plays Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie), you are missing the year’s best comedy. I was rolling in the aisles. It is the most hysterically funny feature article I’ve read in a long, long time. The thing is, you have this clueless dude who comes into this mania completely blind. He is the anti-Edward, a beta male (a child, really), he doesn’t smell good, he’s insecure, completely flummoxed, and cannot stop talking earnestly and semi-coherently. I felt like making him tea, knitting him a pair of socks (I don’t know how to knit), and maybe getting a girlfriend to have pity sex with him just to tell him it’s alright. He’s a nice kid. I hope he comes out of this okay.

The only movie I want to see right now, The Young Victoria, is, alas, not yet playing in the U.S. I usually don’t go for costume dramas–surprising I guess, given I write costume dramas–except for Pride and Prejudice. But this one, I’m dying to see, cuz they’ve captured Victoria and Albert as real people, young, passionate, flawed–and hot, omg hot.

And last, but not least, I finally have a proposal accepted. Change of plans. It won’t be THE IDEAL GENTLEMAN, for now. But a new one, THE PERFECT DECEPTION. When I’m further along in the writing I will make a page for it and post excerpt. For now, I’m still grappling with elements of the story. Suffice to say, it was inspired by Meredith Duran’s upcoming book Written on Your Skin. Go read an excerpt. She is going to be one of the greats in our genre.

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  1. I had my sights all set on An Ideal Gentleman. Darn. Okay, I’ll just have to wait for The Perfect Deception. So, can we expect a book a year???

    Oh, a period piece I can post on my website to replace The Duchess.

  2. You’re right Sherry. That RP interview is one of the funniest things I’ve read this year. Now I’m off to read all about Ms. Duran. 🙂

  3. LOL. I just read the interview and I found him oddly endearing. I keep thinking about him reading about himself on the internet, microwaving all the microwavable food he can find and watching movies by himself. My heart bleeds a little for him.

  4. Thanks for the movie trailer – I hadn’t seen it yet. I adore Emily Blunt. And wasn’t that a great logline (says she who is grappling with a one sentence pitch at the moment).

    Looking forward to The Perfect Deception.


  5. What you wrote about “Edward” was very funny. He is rather overwhelmed by all the attention he is receiving.

    I’m always very wary of biopics but The Young Victoria has been receiving great reviews here in the U.K. so I may check it out.

    Thanks for keeping us posted on your doings.



  6. Haven’t read Twilight or seen the movie. And likely won’t. But interview was entertaining. However, that young man strikes me as frighteningly fragile. Too much fame too soon and he doesn’t have the faintest idea how to deal with it. If he’s not careful and smart, he could end up like Lindsey Lohan.

    The Victoria movie looks entrancing. Can’t wait till it reaches our shores.

  7. Bev,

    The Ideal Gentleman will have its day. Don’t worry. And I agree with you, I think Rob P. is a nice kid, a really nice kid, who probably would not have taken on this job had he known what it was going to entail.


    It’s a farcical comi-tragedy. I laugh and I laugh and I feel awful for poor Rob P at the same time.

    Hope you enjoy Ms. Duran!


    That logline was the first moment when I got excited about the movie. The swell of the music, the waltz, Prince Albert turning out to be a sexy beast and what not. Phew. ::fans self::


    Let me know what you think of the movie. Normally I stay away from Masterpiece Theater-ish stuff. But this one just got me hooked for some reason.


    I think the young man, while fragile, seems to have a grounding of good sense. Also, his family seems more or less normal, unlike LiLo’s. I think that will make a lot of difference.

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