UPDATED: His At Night–Preliminary Cover

Here it is!


The art department will be working to make the dress pop more from background.  I asked for my usual corrections (longer fingers and less boob on the hero).  And then, making my agent laugh her head off, I asked for a daintier foot on the heroine.

But other than those minor quibbles, I love this  cover.  Love the color and the flounces on her dress.  Love that there is more ladyback and less mantitty.   Besides, this cover continues the tradition of putting my heroine in a dress she never wears in the book.  🙂

When I get the final cover, we’ll do a side-by-side (or more likely a top-by-bottom) comparison to see if I get my wishes.

And in other news, the release date for HIS AT NIGHT is now May 25, 2010.

Updates below the fold. 

Update 1:

The art department works fast. I have the revised cover with the higher contrast.  The heroine now has a fabulously smooth and un-stout foot. And the hero more stubbles, which I’d also asked for.  Don’t see that much difference in the length of his fingers, but I can live with that.

I approve.  🙂

Though of course now that her foot is lovely, my Anna Wintour gaze of unrelenting criticism has landed on the heroine’s back.  My editor concurs that it needs further smoothing.  So now we await the next round of photo-shopping.

(After going through the cover process a few times, I have a certain sympathy for the editors of the glossy magazines and the art directors of advertising shoots.  You should have heard the numerous complaints I made about the first version of DELICIOUS’s cover; I was unhappy with the model from nose to hip.  I even said aloud to my editor whether I wasn’t part of the problem perpetuating the illusion of the perfect body with my demands for beautiful, smooth everything.

But then on the other side is the need to present a perfect–or as perfect as possible–image for a product we need to sell.  Sigh.)


Update 2:

And voila, back is smooooooooooooooth.  🙂

I have to say, I’m glad to see a little meat on her bones, especially since I gave her weight as nine-and-half stones.  Not heavy, but not featherweight either.


19 thoughts on “UPDATED: His At Night–Preliminary Cover”

  1. Yellow being my favorite color, this cover jumped up and down and screamed my name. I’ll take a coverflat now if you have it.

    They might want to get rid of the word “shutter” that on the background near her left elbow. 🙂

  2. I’m the first one to point out that the dress looks like Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast? Really? Belle and the Prince, all growned up and naughtified….. Niiiiceee….

  3. Wow. It certainly is…yellow. Bright yellow. Woke me up right out of my pre-lunch stupor. Shazam! It certainly won’t be hard to find it on the bookshelf. Pretttyyyyy.

    It is really lovely. The shutter is a nice touch, too. Just to see if we’re paying attention, right? I had a Belle and Beast momentary flashback too, but that’s not a bad thing. I always want to see what happens after the bells (ha! see what I did there?) and whistles of the HEA.

    Congrats! And I LOVE the earlier release date. Because I’m selfish and I want another Sherry Thomas book tout suite!

  4. It’s GORGEOUS. I LOVE it. Sexy and classy. Just like your books!

    And hooray! We will have releases on the same day! Random House power, activate! (Okay, maybe you didn’t watch that cartoon in your childhood…just trust me, there’s a joke there.)

  5. Dazzling! Love it, love it, love it! Less mantitty, love it and cracked me up! It’s also good to know authors have a say before a cover is finalized.

  6. I love the yellow cover, it will stand out on the shelves for sure, and that’s a good thing. Hope you get your corrections so the cover is just how you want it.

  7. Thank you, everybody!

    I read somewhere just within these past couple of days that comments are the new hugs. LOL. I feel well hugged today.

    Tessa, congrats! And my God, will it be a new trilogy? I shudder at the amount of work you have been doing!

  8. I’m not a fan of clinch covers in general, and I’m still mourning the original Private Arrangements cover, but I totally have to bow down to Bantam’s branding mojo. At a single short glance, I know this is a Sherry Thomas book. They’ve really done a fabulous job with that.

    Also it’s a clinch pose I haven’t seen before, and I like how off-center it is. (They look like they’re on their way right out of the picture.)

    I do have to say that, on the revised cover, it kind of looks like he’s missing a leg. I can’t quite make sense of how he’s standing.

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