I wavered for a while, on whether to do a book trailer or not. Let’s face it: a book trailer is not the most effective means of promoting a book. (Although, what is?) But in the end, I decided to go for it and I’m really glad I did.

Because HIS AT NIGHT went through such repeated and arduous rewrites after it had been copy edited, I decided to hire an outside copy editor myself, just for quality assurance. Tiffany Yates, a professional freelance copy editor who has worked with many of the New York publishing houses who also happens to be a member of my local RWA chapter, proved a totally awesome choice.

Her queries, suggestions, and story advice were spot on. Which meant, by the time final galleys came, and changes had to be handwritten in the margins, I made if not substantial then at least noticeable changes to the manuscript. It killed me. I find final galleys nerve-wracking as such, to make so many changes–every page almost–oh, Lord have mercy.

In the months after that, I wanted nothing to do with the book. Even when I was at the RT Convention admiring the finished copies, I still couldn’t bear to crack the book open. Beth Kery, whom I met through Julie James, suggested that I was having mini-PTSD flashbacks. And she was right.

But since making the book trailer required consulting the manuscript, last Monday I flipped open HIS AT NIGHT at about a few chapters in. I began with a lot of trepidation, but soon I started enjoying myself. With just the usual breaks to pick up Junior Kidlet and hold him captive until homework is done, I read the book all the way through to the end that same day.

Phew. What a relief. End of mini-PTSD.

And here, without further ado, the book trailer:

16 thoughts on “HIS AT NIGHT Trailer”

  1. Sherry – Does it take a long time to put these trailers together? Between making shea butter tins and video trailers you must need a vacation.

    I’m looking forward to reading His at Night. As I’ve told you before, secret agents are one of my favorite plot devices. I’m going to have a busy reading month, however, since so many of my must-read authors are releasing books this month.

    Finally, Julie James mentioned on her blog that she had lunch with you at the RT Convention. Have you read any of her books yet? All of them are quite good and very funny.

  2. I loved your book trailer – oh my, now isn’t my curiosity peaked to read His At Night! I love your books and it sounds like you have another winner in this new book. I can’t wait to read it.

  3. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of “His At Night!” I love the cover – the color is beautiful! And I think you made the right decision to go forward with the trailer – very fun and entertaining!

  4. Literally have 25-May marked on my calendar, with note that it may be in stores a little earlier! The Sherry Thomas shelf on my Favorite Authors bookcase has a spot waiting!

  5. Watching the trailer only made the wait for the book even more unbearable. I now more intrigued. Thanks for the tease, Sherry!

  6. Hi Sherry. This video is almost as much as a stich as you are. I hope you have recovered fully from your mini-PTSD episodes. The video–which is delightful–tells me you have.

    Best to you.


  7. Kim,

    No, it didn’t take too long. I spent an hour listening to various pieces of public domain music, then looked around a bit for images–and ended up using royalty-free images I’d already purchased before. Once I have a script in mind, making the slides and then importing the slides into movie maker and arranging everything took about another five or six hours. So a solid day of work, but not too long.

    I brought a Julie James book back from RT, but loaned it to a friend on the plane, and she took it home with her after we landed! So I’ll have to get my hands on another copy of PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. I am very much looking forward to reading her, as she is very fun and ballsy in person. And so beautifully dressed, accessorized, and shod too.


    I hope it will be worth the wait.


    It is a very eye-catching cover, isn’t it? I think it’s my favorite out of all my U.S. covers, as it is both pretty and conveys the heat level correctly.


    I do hope HIS AT NIGHT earns that spot.


    You are welcome for the tease. 🙂


    Lol, thanks. Glad you liked it. And thank you for a lovely review.


    My mind is gleefully dirty, what can I say? 🙂 And yes, am fully recovered, I believe.

  8. Sherry –

    When you get your hands on Practice Makes Perfect, nothing is as funny as the courtroom scene. It is laugh out loud funny. You won’t be disappointed when you read any of her books.

    • My friend Tracy Wolff did a blow-by-blow re-enactment of that scene! Or at least she tried to. I covered my ears and told her not to spoil it for me. 🙂

  9. Great trailer, Sherry! Makes me want to read His At Night even more–which is convenient, because I have it right here. I plan to start it tonight and can’t wait.

    Hope your friend is enjoying PMP. 🙂


  10. Great trailer. Yes, I would say it is a most effective marketing tool! Snappy, witty, humorous. Can’t wait to get the book!

    • Hi Kristyne,

      Thanks. Glad you had fun watching the trailer.

      Just to clarify. What I meant by I don’t know whether a book trailer is effective is the distribution part. If you saw the trailer on this blog or on my website, chances are you are already aware of me/my books. It doesn’t really increase awareness on the part of readers who doesn’t yet know about me. So that’s the part I wonder about. But I’m sure as heck not going to spend a lot of time or money on it. 🙂 In the end, a book has to be its own best marketing.

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