Happy New Year!

2011, phew.  Where did 2010 go?  I need to better chronicle my life.  I can never remember anything.

Anyway, here’s a lovely foreign cover of NOT QUITE A HUSBAND  to start the year.

I think the French like their romances set in exotic locales.  Bryony is never in native attire, if memory serves, but the Indian aspect, instead of being downplayed on the U.S. cover, is unambiguously emphasized here.

My favorite part of the cover, no doubt, is the band on the bottom that declares this book to have won the “Prize of the best historical romance of 2010.”  Hee.   The book came out in the beginning of November 2010, so I won the RITA just in time for it to be emblazoned across the cover.

In other exciting news, NQAH came in #18 in the All About Romance Top 100 Romances poll.  I am completely thrilled.  NQAH is my favorite, my own, my precioussss.  Debut books usually get all the attention so I’m really happy that NQAH, not a debut book, went so high.

As for the new books–the Fitzmaurice Trilogy–I am chugging along on pace for them.  Did a big push for book 1 in December.  So at beginning of 2011 the book is at the halfway point.  And now the story for book 2 has finally fallen into place in my head, i.e., I’ve got a grip on the hero now–no puns intended at all.  🙂

This morning, as I was reflecting on at last getting inside the hero’s head, I realized that with the exception of DELICIOUS, which was about the hero’s honor, the epiphanies PA, NQAH, and HAN have all revolve around how much the hero loves the heroine.  Also book 1 of the Fitzmaurice Trilogy, which is tentatively called An Affair with the Duke (formerly known as Fornicating with the Duke).

The crux of Book 2, however, is going to be quite a different kettle of fish.  It will be an interesting book.  Or at least it won’t be like any of my other books.  Might be dicey for readers, but it is very exciting for me as a writer so I will quit blogging and work on it some more.  🙂

A belated Happy New Year to all, and may your 2011 be a year filled with good books, good friends, comfort, love, and security.

18 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Hi Sherry–happy new year! Congrats on your French release (the title of which is something like “We will stay together,” if I’ve got my eyes in right this morning). NQAH is such a stunner. I’m so happy it made the AAR’s top 100–along with PA!

    Best of luck as you keep working on the new trilogy. I’m looking forward to three new titles from you next year! Please, please, see if you can get the first one released as “Fornicating with the Duke” after all. That would be the best historical romance title EVER.

    • Yes, you are correct. The French title translates into “We stay together.”

      On “Fornicating with the Duke,” however, I think even my non-reading mother might object, should I have a book out that would 1) have an unmentionable title and 2) force her to use the dictionary. 🙂

  2. Happy New Year, Sherry! And I actually got the word on your blog from Facebook–woot! Technology is a beautiful thing. 🙂

    Fitzmaurice–sounds a little French–haven’t heard that family named used before. But I just looked it up and it is actually Irish? Cool.

    Now I’m very interested in book two–I like dicey when you’re writing it. I hope you will be merciful and give us some little tidbits over the coming year so we can survive the wait.

    • I remembered to put it on Facebook just for you!

      You forced me to go back and look up the Fitzmaurice name. I was sure I’d found it in the English section of Debrett’s peerage–my usual mode of operation is to take the surname of a noble family and make it into a title. Well, I did. Except the Lansdownes were Irish peers first before they were English peers. Didn’t notice that.

  3. Also–I forgot to ask–do you go to the RT booklovers convention in LA? I just heard about it–I guess they have a book fair one day with authors signing their books. I’ve never been to one but it’s a reasonable drive for me–I just might go. 🙂

  4. Dropping by to give you a total fangirl sqeal. Bought NQAH after it won the Rita. Couldn’t put it down! Gave it to my critique buddy, who felt the same. Between the two of us, we bought the rest of your backlist, which is lamentably short. This weekend, I finished Delicious, which tore my heart out, as your books do. The worst part is, now I am left–oh, crap–having to wait for more books as you write them. So, please, write faster!

    • Hi Caro,

      Lol, I am writing faster than ever. His Hawtness, my husband, is whipping me daily with his spreadsheet on how many words I have to generate to meet my target. Thankfully I feel really energized and enthusiastic, particularly about book 2 right now, which makes me really happy as for the longest time I drew a blank on book 2.

      It also makes me happy to know you enjoyed Delicious. I don’t know why but Delicious is my baby-seal book–you know, the one you don’t like to see clubbed. 🙂

      And I see you are a freelance editor. Woohoo, editors are the best.

  5. Hi Sherry – glad you made it through the holiday season with your creative brain cells in good shape. I’m up for kettles of dicey fish in 2012, and I vote for a title beginning with a verb (Spelunking with the Duke? Making Shadow Animals with the Duke?).

    Obviously, I didn’t get enough sleep last night and my job is pretty boring. You need to write faster so I’ll have new books to keep my mind busy.

    • I have “Doing the Duke” and “Banging the Baron.” “Mooching the Marquess” sounds like of lame but I’ve just put in a full day’s writing so my brain is too tired to get into the ditch and come up with something really dirty. 🙂

  6. Congrats on the lovely French NQAH! It will always be on my shelf as one of my most favorite romances of all time. I can’t wait for next year when we get a triple dose of Sherry Thomas goodness, just wish next year was this year already. 😛

    • I’m glad I’ll have this year to obsess over quality. I still wish I’d nailed down the story aspect of His at Night down sooner, so that I could have had time to clean up the prose better.

  7. Ah so excited! =D Will have sherry thomas books in 2012.. or something… Meredith Duran in 2011… yays… excited for anything you give us!

    (on a side note, for some strange strange reason, I thought these were going to be contemporaries? Like with a descendant of Gigi and Camden…)

    • My fault for not being clear. The three 2012 releases will all be historicals.

      I do have a contemp featuring Gigi and Camden’s great-great-grandson–I think, haven’t counted the generations too closely. Alas, I committed many heinous errors in that book and it will have to wait until I have a bit of time to straighten out.

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