It seems rather neglectful–not that we don’t tell you upfront that we are neglectful bloggers here <g>–to comment upon an event elsewhere but not here at my own blog, especially since the event had something to do with me.

So here’s my call story for this year’s RITA nominations.

Usually I am not a nervous person, possibly because usually I have no idea what’s going on. 🙂  Take the RITAs, for example, in 2009 and 2010, the calls came early in the morning, right after I’d come back home from walking the Junior Kidlet to school, before I’d even realized what date it was.  This time, however, I began working before waking the kidlet up, and while using the dictionary widget on my macbook, I happened to glance at the calendar widget, and the 25 was highlighted.  Too bad, a second later, I remembered that RITA calls went out on the 25th.

This set me slight on edge.  I am not a hoper–is that a word?–and usually prefer to first mentally prepare myself for the worst that can happen.  And when 8:30 came and went, I thought, well, that’s probably it.  The calls have gone out and I didn’t get mine.

Then at 8:37 the phone rang.  I scrambled to get it.  Ack.  The number of a known telemarketer.  I pressed the rejection button really hard and muttered something under my breath.  And then, just as I was walking away from the phone, it rang again.  And this time it was Cindy Kirk from RWA.  There is an old Turkish proverb that goes: When Allah wants to make a poor man happy, He takes away the man’s goat and then let him find it again.  And boy, when I got the call after thinking I wouldn’t, did it make me happy!

This was written for The Romance Bandits.  Who corralled a bunch of RITA nominees (and a couple of Golden Heart nominees) who have been guest bloggers at the Bandits’ blog to share their RITA call stories.  Go give it a read.  Most of the stories are better than mine.

But I was most certainly as thrilled as anyone.  This never gets old.  Especially as I’m always a little unsure how to feel about HIS AT NIGHT myself.

Now my mind turns to the dress.  But alas, I’m on deadline.  And I sit all day and eat crap when I’m on deadline.  And even the prettiest dress might turn into sausage casing when the deadline goes on for another two months.

So I’d better finish those two books fast–two books, ack–if for nothing else than to get out the house and get some exercise.  Book 1 is shaping up well.  Book 2 is going to need an overhaul–nothing new here.  Same old process.  Write ’em first and sort ’em later.

This then, will be the last blog for a while, until I’ve turned those two books in.  So I want to inform everyone that I am contributing critiques to two auctions.  First, to the well-known Brenda Novak Diabetes Auction, a query critique.  Second, a three-chapter critique to the Crits for Water Campaign run by blogger Flighty Temptress.  My critique is scheduled to go up for auction on June 13.  I’m not sure how the bidding works exactly, but if you are interested, I’m sure Flighty Temptress will be happy to walk you through the process.  🙂

I have never offered a chapter-critique before, and the reason is that I can be terrifying.  🙂  Half the time I preface a critique with “I know you won’t like hearing this–”  But if you want someone to have a good hard look at your WIP, especially one that’s close but no cigar (those actually  benefit the most from a stone-cold analysis), and if you’ve a few bucks to contribute to a good cause, then look me up.  Just make sure you really do want to know what’s not working.

And now, last but never least, new foreign covers.

Italian Private Arrangements:

Now if this looks familiar, it is.  

It’s Monica Belucci all over again!  Different photos from the same series.  I really would like to know if my Italian publisher consulted the French cover or if this is just an amazing coincidence.  🙂

And now, Taiwanese NOT QUITE A HUSBAND.

This actually looks a lot like the environs of Chakdarra, where pitches battles of the Swat Valley Uprising of 1897 were fought.  And the fort resembles the real fort at Chakdarra.  Need I tell you that I’m happy?  And lol, not only did they mention the RITA for NQAH, they also mentioned the AAR Best Hundred Romance placement.  All true, let’s sell this baby, I say.  It’s when they call me a New York Times bestselling author that I start to giggle.  How come I’m always an American bestseller overseas?  😛

So long, keep well, and ’til we meet again.

12 thoughts on “Guilt-blogging”

  1. Congratulations on the RITA nomination. It was very satisfying to see your name on the list, thus validating my personal taste in books! Glad to hear two more are coming out soon-ish.

    Caro Carson
    The Midnight Line Editor

  2. “Especially as I’m always a little unsure how to feel about HIS AT NIGHT myself.”

    Before you disappear into non-blogging land–care to elaborate? 🙂

    Possibly unrelated, but I’ve always wondered how positive or negative reviews affects how an author sees her own book. Do you have particular affection for a book that is not as well received or does the criticism start to undermine the good feelings you had for it before the public started picking it apart?

    I think about this when I post reviews on the AAR message board–is an author out there reading my review and shedding a tear–or do authors even look for ordinary reader’s reviews?

    ANYway, so, so happy for you and the HAN nomination. It was one of my very favorites last year. Keep writing so I have something to look forward to next year!

  3. I, too, am wondering why you’re a little unsure about HAN. What’s up with that?

    And just go buy that blue dress. You know you want it (and deserve it). Congratulations again : )

  4. Caro,

    So glad to validate your taste for you! 🙂


    Fingers cross for quality. Am always worried about quality.

    Lisap and Karenmc,

    Aha, I see I didn’t make myself clear. To put your mind at ease, Lisap, my opinion of a book does not change that much when the reviews don’t agree with my assessment–that is the case whether I’m reading my own book or someone else’s book. I do read reviews from time to time but I read reviews as a reader for a long time before I was published so I know not to always expect rose petals thrown my way. Really, in this day and age, any writer who goes out and googles herself has to be prepared that a given book cannot please everyone.

    The hesitation I personally have toward HIS AT NIGHT is a matter of taste. I just don’t like a lot of plot in a romance and HIS AT NIGHT has a lot of plot–even a goshdarn twist.

    And that’s about the gist of it. 🙂

    • Got it–thanks for the clarification, Sherry!

      I’m not much for complicated plots either (excepting the Outlander series where I am helpless to deny the magnetism of Jamie Fraser despite the astonishing amount of plot)–the point of reading a romance (for me) is to meet two interesting characters and see how they find their way to each other. The other stuff is usually filler–but HAN didn’t have any filler at all–it all worked towards explaining who Vere and Ellisande are. Obviously it worked for me. 😉

  5. Sherry – Congratulations again on the RITA nomination. I read 3 books in your category. The historical category is always so competitive. As for His at Night, I enjoy a complicated plot in a romance, so your novel was a great read. Best of luck in the competition.

  6. write more books, PLEASE! i’m rereading not quite a husband for the 3rd time. i wish i’d discovered your books 10 years from now so i’d have a whole sherry thomas library to enjoy.


    • Hi Rebecca,

      LOL, thank you. NQAH especially thanks you. 🙂

      Am praying daily to the quality control muse not to let quantity dilute quality so pray along with me!

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