Not Quite a Husband Update

The good news is I have a rough first draft. The bad news is that I still have to write the bulk of the secondary romance and that the 2nd half of the rough draft is truly skeletal. So much work still remains, but oh boy, does this book have a fantastic epilogue. 🙂

And here is the preliminary cover design for NQAH.

The cover isn’t final. The border might go, since it juxtaposes rather weirdly with the rest of the image. The background color might change to make the red pop more. The art department thinks the cover will feel bolder and sexier if the couple take the whole cover. And I’m all for it. I write pretty darn sexy stuff. And my previous covers, although gorgeous, didn’t reflect The Hawt.

So just a little news before I hunker down and go back to work. Until then, everybody vote! (And yes, I did already.)

6 thoughts on “Not Quite a Husband Update”

  1. One reader’s opinion:

    The clinching couple are eye-catching. (Wish we got to see more of the man’s head, though, and not just his chest.)

    The border is attractive and tasteful.

    But they look like they’re from two different books, and not just because the blue contrasts so strangely with the red. I think I agree with the stance that the couple should get the whole cover.

  2. hey sherry!

    so great that you’re making such excellent progress. may i be the first to request an interview and book review??? the last interview was waaay too much fun!


  3. Lexi,

    Thanks. Indeed, thus far I have been blessed. But Bantam doesn’t do bad covers. I’ve never seen a sorry one on Madeline Hunter and Shana Abe, for instance.

    Stephanie and Devon,

    You got your wishes. See the new cover.


    Thanks. Sex-ay and lovely like your bad self. 🙂


    I think your name is already on the media mailing list. And sure, the last interview was fun.

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