And here it is. Bigger, bolder, with a better tan on him and a fuller head of hair on her. (I specifically requested more hair on her, since her hair actually begins and ends the story, in a way. In fact, I requested a great deal more of hair on her–I wanted the old fashioned, will-engulf-small-villages-and-smother-unsuspecting-farm-animal kind of ginormous hair. But I was shot down, because the art department said that much hair might make the cover look muddy. :-P)

17 thoughts on “Updated NOT QUITE A HUSBAND Cover”

  1. It looks great – what a difference a tan makes! Plus, the hair in the first cover was positively stringy.

    I like your covers in this order:
    1. Private Arrangements
    2. Not Quite a Husband
    3. Delicious

    With the caveat that they are all pretty great. How many virgins did you have to sacrifice?

    Btw, did you watch House – THE KISS? I know you’re not a fan of House/ Cuddy, but I am, and my head exploded (joyfully..)

  2. Hair today, gone tomorrow? (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

    New version of cover definitely better. I like the detail near the spine–it looks a bit like a William Morris design, which would have the added benefit of being appropriate to the period.

  3. Oh nos! Attack of the semi-Regency dress on a non-Regency! Otherwise, the cover is eye-popping (not literally *shudder*). I’d definitely be drawn to this cover while browsing the aisles of a bookstore. Good luck with your writing!

  4. Hair -better,
    Tan – I guess it makes sense for a character who’s spent time in South Asia
    Border moving from right to left – the red is pretty, but seems a shame to lose/blur a feature that set your titles apart from others. The softlit focus on a lovely woman with stylized edging seemed sort of trademarkish for you.

  5. Meriam,

    It’s not that I sacrificed virgins that’s so remarkable, it is that I was able to find any virgins at all! 🙂


    You are right. The background looks a lot like the W.M’s Acanthus pattern.


    LOL. I didn’t even think of “teh Regency.” I was thinking that it was a lingerie piece the likes of which my heroine would never wear. 🙂


    I guess I’m about to get a new trademark look. It seems that Bantam plans to reissue my first two books with new covers similar to NQaH’s look. I’m fine as long as there is some kind of unifying theme.

  6. @ Meriam again,

    No, haven’t watched THE KISS. I don’t follow House on television, but rather on DVD and internet. I felt a bit burned by the couple of episodes I saw of the fourth season so it will be some time b/f I get back to watching house fanatically, like I did this summer.

    But now I’ll be going online to search out that clip of Cuddy pole dancing. Did your head explode joyfully at that too? 🙂

  7. *new covers for Private Arrangements and Delicious*

    Aww, man. Just my opinion, obviously, but clinch covers are a dime a dozen. The Private Arrangements cover was really something special and I hoped it would herald a move toward more evocative, less literal romance covers. Never mind that the pensive, doe-eyed cover model doesn’t really bear much resemblance to willful, impetuous Gigi – you picked that book up and you wanted to know her story.

    Now, speaking of the NQAH heroine’s hair, isn’t there supposed to be a big old white streak?

  8. The updated cover is definitely better. I liked the more exotic landscape peek in the first one, but thought the red and blue clashed.

    I’m looking forward to reading this one!

  9. Claire,

    I know. I think my publisher wanted to give me a distinctive look and I believe they succeeded in that and I love my covers for PA & Delish. But on the other hand, the covers don't yell ROMANCE enough.

    So this is where you have to take your pick along the continuum between art and commerce (cover looks wise, that is). And because I do write books that are very hot, and they do have a huge sexual-tension component, I think the new covers will work better for me in the market place.

    After all, some of Laura Kinsale's best books had Fabio covers. And clinch covers are popular for a reason.

    And yes, a white streak in her hair, but for the cover we'll just think it was brushed to the other side. 🙂

    Mrs. Underwood,

    NOT QUITE A HUSBAND has a street date of June 2009. Right around the corner. 🙂


    I agree. My initial suggestion was to have the background be blue to match the blue border. But since there would be new covers for PA and Delish, the border can be dispensed with.

  10. Awww… like the previous covers better, especially delicious. This cover makes it look like any other romance on the market. Not that isn’t gorgeous.. but.. not different.

  11. Lexi,

    Thank you. Thank you.


    Yep, that’s what I said to my editor, a bit generic, but I can live with it.

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