Foreign Covers–July Omnibus Edition (Now Updated With Slovene Covers)

We haven’t had a foreign cover post in a while, so here’s a big one.  🙂

I think I’m excited about getting new foreign covers because it’s like getting new clothes.  I like new clothes, but I am in general disinclined to shop.  We are in July now and this entire year I’ve spent less than $300 on clothes and accessories combined.  For the money I’m willing to fork over per piece–as you can guess, not much at all–there is usually something not quite there with the style, the cut, the fit, the whatnot, which means time spent browsing is time largely wasted.  And as for White House Black Market, which has the style, the cut, the fit, and the whatnot, alas, they do not carry enough color and I can only wear so much black before the twee-ness of my soul rebels and I begin to long for all kinds of pastels.

But getting foreign covers is like having fun, fabulous new clothes delivered to your home–free!

First up, Spanish DELICIOUS.  Did I mention above how much I adore pastels?  Well, here’s pastel heaven, that’s what.

I only wish I knew for sure whether she’s hugging a fancy pillow or a small sack of potatoes.  🙂

Next, pocket edition of Spanish PRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS.  I was quite surprised to receive those books in the mail, as I didn’t know there was to be a pocket edition.

Niiiice.  Rather an Orientalist flavor to it.

Now, Japanese DELICIOUS, which is the largely the same cover as the North American one.

I like the title, though, which says SEDUCTIVE DINNER.  🙂

I can spot a Russian cover from a kilometer away.  They have a certain old-fashioned je ne sais quoi.  Here’s the hardcover Russian DELICIOUS.

Here it is, with a mighty rose, the paperback edition.

The title translates to EXQUISITE, according to Google translator.

Indonesia gave PRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS its first landscape cover.

The title is COVENANT OF LOVE.  Pretty.  Greek-ish.  But Camden and Gigi have plans to sail the Aegean, so it’s all good.  Besides, I’m sure they had cobalt-blue swimming pools back in the 1890s.   And nice rubbish collectors with ashtrays on top.  🙂

And last, but most definitely not the least, my Thai publisher is not about to be outdone.  Here is the second landscape cover for PA.

Mamma mia!  Lest you think this is just generic prettiness, look at this detail.

As it so happens, there is an important horse-riding scene in PA, with Gigi on the horse and Camden leading.  Although it took place in the dead of winter, so Gigi probably wouldn’t have been so scantily attired.  But what an adorable little touch.

(And omg, I just noticed the package on Camden.  Holy @#$%!)

Now if someone would only send me my Slovenian and Turkish covers.  I’m sure those would be pure amazingness.  🙂

Update:  And now thanks to Neja and Klara, we have Slovene covers.  Here’s Slovene PA, which translates into PLANNED LOVE or LOVE DESIGN, a close parallel to SCHEMES OF LOVE, the original title.

Here’s Slovene DELICIOUS, titled DELIGHT.  Me like.

Thank you again, Neja and Klara!

34 thoughts on “Foreign Covers–July Omnibus Edition (Now Updated With Slovene Covers)”

  1. That Thai cover is ADORABLE!
    I must say, though, that the beautiful Spanish covers look like they’re ready to give the Portuguese cover a run for it’s money. Absolutely lovely.

  2. The Spanish cover is definitely my favorite. Landscapes are nice but a cover with a real person just help me envision what the heroine might have looked like much better.
    BTW Sherry, I just got my copy of His At Night and will be reading it this weekend. Yay!

      • Sherry,

        I stayed up until 2am last night to finish His At Night and it was so worth it. Your wit and sense of humor is quite stunning. The scene when Alissande disrobed, Vere ran, and she tackled him was so unbelievably hilarious.
        Private Arrangements is till my favorite but His At Night is now a close second.
        Please keep the books coming. I’m eagerly looking foward to the next one.

        • Lol, a stunning sense of humor, eh? I’ll take it. (Death is easy, comedy is hard, etc., etc.)

          And so glad you enjoyed HAN. We must do something to topple PA one of those days. 🙂

  3. Hi Sherry,

    I LOVE the Spanish cover (the Portuguese one remains the champion for me though). Also like the Thai cover. As a Thai myself, I think landscapes sells more than clinches in Thailand coz some people are a little sheepish when carrying around a clinch.

    And Sherry, you’ve a sharp eye. Now I wouldn’t be able to look at this cover without the hero’s package dancing right out the frame:)

    Oh, the Thai title means, It Starts From The Heart.

    • Lol, my eye isn’t quite as sharp as that. I looked at the detail quite a few times before it suddenly jumped out at me. And now I can’t see anything else but the package. 🙂

      I like the Thai Title. Would you happen to know what the Thai title is for NOT QUITE A HUSBAND?

      P.S. Hope you’ve been enjoying robust health of late and haven’t had any more flu of any variety.

  4. That Spanish cover reminds me a bit of Anna Friels’ character in the movie St. Ives.

    As for the package, did the illustrator get carried away with the shading, or what? As Elaine said to Jerry and George, “I don’t know how you guys walk around with those things.”

  5. I liked the Spanish edition of Delicious, but for a quick second, I thought Gigi was holding a baby. I think the Indonesian cover of Private Arrangement screams contemporary, while the Thai cover reminds me of an early Judith McNaught cover. It’s always fascinating to see what foreign publishers choose for your covers.

  6. Oh, and here is the cover for Private Arrangements. “Načrtovana ljubezen” translates to “planned love” which does sounds better in Slovene than in English.

    • Thank you, thank you, Neja! I love seeing those covers. And when I ran “Načrtovana ljubezen” through Google translator, it came back with Love Design, which is a pretty good approximation of the book’s original title, “Schemes of Love.”

  7. What’s supposed to be going on with the water on that Thai cover? It looks like either a mini inland tsunami, or one of those subliminal ads from the 70s with naked ladies and death’s-heads concealed in the swirly part.

    The teeny paper-doll people in the landscape are cute. Her hat is so jaunty.

  8. I wish the American covers looked more like the Spanish covers–I’m one of those sheepish romance people who dislike the overwrought kissyface covers–I hide mine in public with an old Elizabeth George paperback cover–the insides gutted with an exacto knife. Pathetic, I know. 😉

    • Count me in as another sheepish reader. (And lol, overwrought kissyface, I love that phrase.) Have you ever thought of a book cover? They were giving them out at RT.

      • I have not found a book cover to fit that size–I’ll have to search online. Except for that an actual cover looks like I’m trying to hide something (which I am 😉

        Congrats on your RITA win!! So well deserved! I’m going to re-read it in celebration 🙂

  9. Wow, Sherry, you do remember it’s me who had the flu! I’m flattered and also happy to say I’m now as healthy as I can ever be.

    And I read His At Night as soon as it was available (slightly after the original release date, thanks to the active bookstores here:)). You paint so compelling a story again Sherry!

    And Hello to the other May..I’m glad to have found another Thai who shares the name:D

  10. I love looking at foreign covers. It’s always interesting to see what non-US markets find attractive and eye-catching when compared to the US market.

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