New Covers

First up, the cover for Meredith’s July 2011 release, A Lady’s Lesson in Scandal, which I think is just soooo gorgeous.

Next up, German Delicious.

And now, Thai His at Night.

Near the end of HIS AT NIGHT is the following paragraph:

The top of the Hangman Cliffs gave onto a stunning vista: miles of verdant headlands towering hundreds of feet high, a twilight-blue sea upon which the sun glimmered like silver netting, and in the distance a pleasure boat, all its sails unfurled, gliding across the water with the leisurely grace of a swan.

I love this cover!

11 thoughts on “New Covers”

  1. Aww! I love it when you can tell that the cover-design people actually read the book.

    Also, I love “Rita Award Gewinnerin.” I wonder why they left “award” in English instead of translating it.

    Can’t wait for July. A Lady’s Lesson sounds fabulous.

  2. Meredith’s new cover is beautiful! Wow! And I love your foreign covers, too. It’s so interesting to see how titles change, or what artists in other countries choose to focus on. I had to hit Google translate for the German title: “Delicious as the Kiss.” Alles gute!

    • German publishing houses, according to my editor and Kris Alice Hohls, the editor of LoveLetter, have very few choices in terms of romance covers. They have to get their art work from a single agency, which places strict limitations on what alterations can be made. Which is how come my first two German covers feature four dark haired people, when the characters are 50% black-haired, 50% blond!

  3. Did they translate the German for you? They took some artistic liberty. It reads ‘Tasty as your Kiss’.

    And I see that both of you authors have reached the point where your name is much larger than the novel title. Woot!

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