The RITA Speech

The what, you ask?  Oh, that.  But that was ages ago, you say.  Well, last year I wrote a post called “Summer Omnibus Update” in October.  Seasonality is not my best trait.  🙂

You can’t really see me but if you set your audio to maximum, you can hear the speech pretty well.



See, you don’t need to speak English all that well to write okay in it.  🙂  (A long time ago, Bettie Sharpe confessed that before she first heard me, she’d imagined I spoke with a smoky voice, kind of like an expat in a French cafe. Darn it. I think I should too.)

My gratitude goes to my RWA roommie Kristyne Raley, for taking the video and then transferring it to a USB stick for me.  (Btw, Kristyne, your USB stick is so fancy it took me a minute to realize it has two ends!  Hmm, did I just reveal again how much of a Luddite I am?)

Since we are it, a couple more foreign covers.  Up first, Slovene HIS AT NIGHT.  The cover model is awfully pretty, but I’d always pictured Elissande a bit fuller–both in the face and in the bosom.  🙂

And now, the upcoming German reissue of PRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS.  From what I understand, Cora Verlag (Harlequin Germany) first distributes their titles to train stations and other such convenience spots.  And then later a book might get repackaged for the bookstores.  So here is the repackaging and I’m very excited to have my first leads-lying-down-together cover.

That’s all, folks.  For now.

14 thoughts on “The RITA Speech”

  1. That was such a sweet speech, Sherry. Your husband must have been thrilled when you won. When you heard the recording for the first time, did you remember everything you said or was it a blank?

    Finally, is it scary working with a new editor and publisher? You were so successful with Caitlin, but your industry is constantly changing.

    • Amazingly enough, I remember pretty much what I’d said.

      And lol, it was amazingly scary working with Caitlin. She is the sweetest person but a demanding editor. I don’t think I ever quaked in my boots but every time I sent out a manuscript, I’d hold a palmful of sweat, as the Chinese say. After her, my main fear is not scary editors, but that editors wouldn’t be scary enough. I know what kind of first drafts I turn in–not fit for public consumption, that what. 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting the video! I played it through Apple TV to the flat screen, and still couldn’t see you at all (holy heels of bread, how big was that ballroom?), but the speech was terrific.

    • His Hawtness is still bemoaning the fact that we left our camera in the hotel room. He had a front-and-just slightly off center seat and would have taken a great video. My buds were back in the wilderness.

  3. Yes, it looked like a huge crowd–scary! But you sounded so calm and witty…I’m impressed. And glad your husband was there to see it. AND I just went over to Kindle and got your whole backlist, even though I have a perfectly good paperback set on my shelves. I’m a book hoarder, what can I say. 🙂

    • That is advanced book hoarding. But thank you very much!!!

      If I’m actually expected to be the main entertainment entree of the evening, I’d be more nervous. But I’m just one dish on the buffet. I can handle that. 🙂


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