Meredith Duran Foreign Covers Omnibus Edition

The idea struck one morning.  I was on Meredith’s website, looking at her news.  She mentioned various foreign rights sales, and I was like, “But where are the covers?”

It’s not quite real until you have covers.

So I decided to hunt down as many of her covers as I can and post them here.

Let’s go with the French covers first.

Bound by Your Touch. French title: Last Hope

Written on Your Skin. French title: Conquered..Never Surrendered
Wicked Becomes Her. French title: The Disenchanted Belle

Now to the Spanish covers.

No captions needed. 🙂
Bound by Your Touch. Spanish title: Marked by Your Touch
Written on Your Skin. Spanish title: Written in Your Skin

Russian covers are always a pleasure.  🙂

Duke of Shadows. Russian Title: Renounce Not Love
Bound by Your Touch. Russian title: Your Touch
Written on Your Skin. Russian title: Love Without Deceit

Not to be outdone, here come the Dutch covers.

The Duke of Shadows. Dutch title: I Waited for You
Bound by Your Touch. Dutch Title: Deep in His Heart
Written on Your Skin. Dutch title: Complete Trust

This this last one is definitely my favorite.

Duke of Shadows. German title: The Saffron Glow of the Moon

OMG.  And the title?  Swoon.

Several of Meredith’s foreign covers have already been featured on the blog earlier.  To see them, click here.

I would like to thank blogger Pearl for helping me track down the Dutch covers and Loveletter publisher Kris Alice Hohls for locating the German cover–this post would have been very incomplete without their help.  A shout-out also goes to May Boonpitak, reader, bookseller, and publisher adviser in Thailand, for promising to email me Meredith’s Thai covers as soon as they come availalble.

(And if anyone can point me to Meredith’s Slovak covers, that would be totally awesome.)


5 thoughts on “Meredith Duran Foreign Covers Omnibus Edition”

  1. Oh my gosh! You tracked down covers that I didn’t even know existed! Ms. Thomas, you are a woman of numerous talents, indeed. 🙂

    • They are really gorgeous! And they’re trade, but floppy, so you can still crack the spine and bend it every which way. This is important to a book abuser like me. Ha!

  2. I think my favorite is the same as Sherry’s, the German cover for Duke of Shadows. There’s something very romantic about it, though the clothing isn’t Victorian at all.


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